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习近平总书记强调,各级领导干部都要树立和发扬好的作风,既严以修身、严以用权、严以律己,又谋事要实、创业要实、做人要实。This is a new requirement for style construction and a new development of the party's style construction theory。A thorough grasp of the spiritual essence and profound connotation of the "three stricts and three earnests" and a serious practice of the "three stricts and three earnests" are of great practical significance for us to maintain the Party's fine style forever, comprehensively strengthen the Party's governance capacity building, accelerate the comprehensively deepening reform process, and strive to achieve the "two centenary goals.。

First, the "three stricts and three earnestness" is the new development and new requirements of the Party's style construction

At present, the situation of the world, the state of the Party is undergoing profound changes。In a complex and volatile international environment, China is faced with a series of prominent contradictions and problems in its development, and its reform has entered a period of overcoming difficulties and a deep-water zone, with unprecedented difficulties and complexity, and a series of extremely challenging contradictions and difficulties。Party building faces many new conditions and problems. The tests of governance, reform and opening up, the market economy, and the external environment are long and complex. The dangers of laziness, lack of ability, alienation from the people, and passive corruption are all the more acute before the whole Party。How to carry out this great struggle, which has many new historical features?The development of the situation, the development of the cause, and the expectations of the people all require us to comprehensively strengthen the Party's style of work in a spirit of reform and innovation。


The "three stricts and three honests" opened a new journey for the construction of the Party's style。It is of great significance that the Party's mass line education and practice activities clearly oppose the "four winds"。The problem of "four winds" has spread to every corner of the party's style, government style and social style, eroding the party's body and social order, affecting the party's combat effectiveness and the government's credibility, and doing great harm。If it is not cured, it will inevitably lose its purpose, lose the people's hearts, and shake the country。From the essence point of view, "four winds" concentrated performance is not strict and not solid。The essence of formalism is "false" and unreal;The essence of bureaucracy is "arrogant" and impractical;The essence of hedonism is "slack", not strict in moral cultivation;The essence of extravagance is "excessive", life and work of indulgence and loss of strict。Therefore, strict and pragmatic, strict word as the first, focus on the actual place, has become the current style of construction of the groundbreaking move。The "Three stricts and three realities" focuses on self-discipline, power, and self-discipline, emphasizing that planning should be real, entrepreneurship should be real, life should be real, precise language, profound thinking, and specific requirements, which can be said to be the crux of the current problem, the lifeblood of style construction, and a sharp ideological weapon against the "four winds"。

"Three stricts and three realities" is a new requirement for style construction。Our Party has always attached great importance to the construction of style of work, and with each further advance in the cause of the Party, the construction of style of work of the Party will be further promoted。毛泽东、邓小平、江泽民、胡锦涛同志在不同历史时期,根据党面临的形势任务和党自身建设的实际情况,对加强党的作风建设先后作出一系列重要论述,把作风建设不断推进到新阶段。The "Three stricts and three honests" inherits and carries forward the fine tradition of our Party's style construction and is in line with the theory of the party's style construction。同时,For the first time, the "Three stricts and three honests" were defined by people, things and rights,Put forward as a whole how to be an official;The first time from the cultivation, power, self-discipline, planning, entrepreneurship, life six points of demand,It shows the way to the office,It is also oriented to the code of conduct;For the first time, the style of construction is condensed into two dimensions of "strict" and "real",Both on moral issues,He also pointed out the problems of government,It is a new scientific generalization of the requirements of the Party's style construction。

The "Three stricts and three honests" raised the requirements of the Party's style of work to a new height。Style problem is a chronic disease, is a political party, especially the ruling party can not avoid and long-term risk。At the same time, style construction is an objective need, and the continuous development of the Party's cause requires the continuous follow-up of the party's style construction。Because of this, our party has constantly put forward new requirements and new tasks for the construction of style, and has always made unremitting efforts to solve the problem of style。However, objectively, there are still some shortcomings in our style of construction, mainly manifested as: first, the standard has been established, but it is not strict, the lack of a strict system cage, and some systems have become cattle and cats。Second, what to do is clear, but how to do it is often not strict enough, not specific enough, resulting in style construction is better, put a put a panasonic, and some even go out of form, become a decoration。Third, focus on treating symptoms,But neglect the root cause,We do not pay attention to the key group of leading cadres,Make general requests,Not highlight the point,Difficult under the above rate, the trend;Do not strive to grasp the power in the hands of leading cadres this key,Leading cadres cannot exercise their power strictly,Style construction is difficult to outline;Do not firmly grasp the basis of self-cultivation, self-discipline, this fundamental,Ideals, beliefs, moral cultivation problems,Style construction is difficult to root firmly。Therefore, to strengthen the construction of style of work, we must find the right entry point, seize the harm, highlight the key points, and grasp the difficulties。For the first time, the "Three stricts and three realities" clearly regard "strict" and "reality" as the new standards for style construction,The main role of leading cadres is clearly defined,Science answers the key to exercising power wisely,It deeply answers the basic status of self-discipline,The emphasis is placed on strict and pragmatic work requirements;The first involves a worldview on the connotation of style construction,It also involves the methodology of style construction,Both focus on inner consciousness,And pay attention to external constraints,Both focus on setting strict standards,And pay attention to grasp the real effect,There are clear requirements on treating symptoms,And put forward fundamental measures to cure the root cause,Therefore, it is the deep expansion and new development of the connotation of style construction。

Second, deeply understand and grasp the spiritual essence and profound connotation of the "three stricts and three realities"

In summary, the essence of the "three stricts and three realities" is: the word "strict" is the first, and the emphasis is on the "reality"。In other words, strict is the basic requirement, is the basic standard。Among them, self-cultivation is the foundation, power is the key, self-discipline is fundamental, and pragmatism is the core。

Self-cultivation is the foundation。Since ancient times, our country has emphasized the role of morality, taking "self-cultivation" as the basis of "regulating the family, governing the country and leveling the world"。习近平总书记把“严以修身”作为“三严三实”之首,作为作风建设之基,是对中国优秀传统文化的深刻把握,又赋予“修身”以新的内涵。习近平总书记多次强调,共产党员要以德为先,精神上不能“缺钙”,要坚定“三个自信”,等等,都是讲的修身问题,讲的理想、品格、世界观、人生观的锤炼问题。Every leading cadre must be soberly aware of this,Only to strengthen the party spirit,Firm ideals and convictions,Raise the moral level,Pursue noble sentiments,Consciously stay away from vulgar tastes,Consciously resist evil practices,In order to keep the noble,Purify the soul,Make the King Kong not bad,Make the fine style of work a solid foundation,Make yourself conscious and honest。

Use of power is key。Power benefits the people and harms the self。How to treat and use power is the key for leading cadres to be strict with themselves and pragmatic。How leading cadres use their power is the yardstick to measure their ethics and style of work。If we hold power in awe and strictly control it, we will use power as a tool for the benefit of the people, without being vain, indulgent and disorderly. Otherwise, formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance will prevail。习近平总书记强调,“严以用权,就是要坚持用权为民,按规则、按制度行使权力,把权力关进制度的笼子里,任何时候都不搞特权、不以权谋私”。This is to protect and remind the leading cadres, but also the key to the leading cadres to maintain good style。

Self-discipline is fundamental。Leading cadres have special status and important posts, and in the face of complex tests and various temptations, if they cannot self-discipline, but are disturbed by selfish motives and burdened by fame and wealth, they will inevitably go astray and eventually lose their reputations。习近平总书记强调,“严以律己,就是要心存敬畏、手握戒尺,慎独慎微、勤于自省,遵守党纪国法,做到为政清廉。Respect, caution, caution, province, guard five aspects, for the leading cadres to be strict with themselves established a code of conduct, to create a protective fence and firewall。Leading cadres only bear in mind the truth that "things must first rot and then worms",Keep "holding yourself.,When you have never done anything wrong, you must have "self-discipline.,Uphold the anatomical spirit of "blaming the body and self-blame",Always filter your thoughts and behave yourself,In order to achieve a positive, spotless,Always maintain the political character of Communists。

Pragmatism is the core。How do the Communists cultivate themselves, how do they use their power, and how do they discipline themselves, all of which are ultimately reflected in their positions, viewpoints and methods, as well as in their effects, roles and influences。习近平总书记强调:“谋事要实,就是要从实际出发谋划事业和工作,使点子、政策、方案符合实际情况、符合客观规律、符合科学精神,不好高骛远,不脱离实际。To be realistic in entrepreneurship is to be down-to-earth, do real work, dare to assume responsibilities, have the courage to face up to contradictions, be good at solving problems, and strive to create results that can stand the test of practice, the people and history。To be a real person is to be loyal and honest to the Party, to the organization, to the people, to comrades, to be honest, to be honest, to be honest, to be honest, to be fair and decent。This profoundly expounds the core essentials of leading cadres' life, planning, and entrepreneurship, and points out the paths and methods of life, planning, and entrepreneurship, which we must deeply understand, accurately grasp, and earnestly practice。

3. Strictly implement the requirements of the "Three stricts and three honests"

To carry on the great struggle with many new historical characteristics requires us to internalize the "three stricts and three honests" in the mind and externalize them in practice。

First of all, learn to combine, into the mind into the heart。It is necessary to take the "three stricts and three realities" as a compulsory course for the study and education of Party members and leading cadres,与学习掌握中国特色社会主义理论体系、学习贯彻习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神、开展党的群众路线教育实践活动结合起来,Really understand the problem of "why strict and why real, how strict and how real"。The theoretical study center groups of Party committees at all levels should carry out study and discussion on special topics, and special courses should be set up in party schools and administrative colleges。山西在学习习近平总书记系列重要讲话中,采取“听议讲”三部曲,特别是提倡领导干部以讲促学,总体效果很好,学习践行 “三严三实”,要把这个好做法坚持下去。It is necessary to combine the reality of Shanxi and carry out the activities of "far learning Jiao Yulu and near learning Duan Aiping", focusing on the strength of belief, personality and sensibility contained in the "three rigors and three realities"。

Second, start with me and start small。Leading cadres at all levels, especially the leaders at all levels, should take the lead in carrying out the "three stricts and three realities" through the whole process of being a person and doing things as an official with a high degree of political consciousness, and above the rate and do not order。To establish a number of visible and tangible "hard bars" in the most common and subtle places, so that the people feel that the "three stricts and three realities" is not a principle, but a specific action。In a sense, improving the style of work is to make leading cadres "uncomfortable" in all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation;A little more "uncomfortable" leading cadres, the masses will be a little more "comfortable", this is the dialectics of style construction。

Third, strictly enforce party discipline and strengthen heteronomy。To practice the "three stricts and three realities", the Party spirit is the foundation, and discipline is the guarantee。In recent years, Shanxi has made some useful explorations in strengthening the Party's discipline construction, and formulated a series of system regulations, among which there are both self-discipline and heteronomy requirements。Party members and leading cadres should not only take the "three stricts and three realities" as a conscious pursuit, but also rise to the iron discipline requirements, and realize the fundamental improvement of the party style and government style in the internal unity of self-discipline and other rules。

Fourth, improve the mechanism, a long time for work。To practice the "three stricts and three realities", we must work hard on the words "constant" and "long"。山西各级党委,特别要以习近平总书记大力提倡的 “右玉精神”为指引,把作风建设一年年、一届届、一代代抓下去。At present, there is an urgent need to institutionalize the results of the implementation of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and carry out educational practice activities。Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee formulated and issued a series of institutional provisions such as the Implementation Opinions on Improving the system of Direct Contact between Party members and Cadres and the Masses, aiming to provide guarantee for the implementation of the "Three stricts and three realities" at the institutional level。

Fifth, the whole Party should work together to form synergy。It is necessary to make the "three stricts and three earnests" the conscious adherence of Party members and leading cadres,Encourage everyone to strive to be a "good official" that the masses love and support;Become the standard of selection and employment,Guide everyone to strive to be the Party's "good cadres" in the new era;Become the benchmark of work style,To encourage everyone to make achievements worthy of history and The Times;Become the ruler of positive wind discipline,Firmly oppose the "four winds",Implement the "two responsibilities",Maintain the high pressure to fight corruption and advocate integrity。At the same time, we must strive to expand the requirements of the "three stricts and three realities" to all fields and links of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, and ecological civilization construction, and devote ourselves to the great journey of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with a new mental outlook and excellent work style。(Author: Secretary of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee)