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How do construction enterprises do a good job in construction management
2022/3/25 16:09:33

First, about construction management

  For construction enterprises, operation and management is the key to increase efficiency and improve level。Strengthening construction management, in the final analysis, is to strengthen the project cost management and control is the focus of enterprise management;Its goal is to study how to increase the efficiency of enterprises, make money for enterprises, and on this basis, promote enterprises to have greater competitiveness。

  The main contents of construction management include:

  One is the control of labor costs。In all kinds of production factors, people are the most active factor。The quality, duration, cost, safety and other management objectives of the project are achieved by human labor。Therefore, people are the focus of dynamic management and optimal allocation of production factors。In the project construction management, the project manager organizes the balanced construction according to the construction plan, reduces the rush work or idle work waste, and constantly balances and adjusts the labor force。Solve the problems such as the number of workers, types of work and technical cooperation in construction, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of workers。At the same time, strengthen technical education and training, improve people's quality awareness, work skills and labor productivity, achieve a successful project, and eliminate the occurrence of rework phenomenon。Avoid rework caused by labor, material waste, mechanical shift and construction period extension and other unplanned expenses and increase the cost of site construction。In addition, it can also take measures to control the proportion of non-production personnel, and implement labor cost contract for sub-projects, divisions and unit projects。

  The second is the control of material costs。The cost of engineering materials usually accounts for two thirds of the construction cost。Mainly through two aspects of quantity and price control:

  Control of material usage。The project manager can rely on the construction budget,Correct accounting of material consumption,Implement a quota system for material requisition,Waste material recovery;Promote the use of new technologies, new processes and new materials to reduce material consumption;Implement contract control for sporadic materials,Overuse conceit,Save for yourself;Strengthen site management,Rational stacking,Reduce the loss caused by secondary handling。

  Control of material prices。Material procurement should be in the current construction materials variety specifications, mixed advantages and disadvantages, the price difference in the case of timely, accurate and a large number of material market information, in the premise of quality and quantity, shop around for the lowest purchase price。For projects with large costs, bidding can be adopted, and materials with good quality and reasonable prices can often be obtained。Reasonable organization of transportation modes to reduce transportation costs;Considering the time value of funds, according to the progress and needs of the project, the technical staff will prepare the material use plan and purchase according to demand to reduce the capital occupation。

  The third is the control of mechanical costs。In the construction process, the construction production should be reasonably arranged, the management of machinery rental plan should be strengthened, the idle equipment caused by improper arrangement should be eliminated, and the utilization rate of on-site equipment should be improved。In addition, it is necessary to regularly maintain and maintain the on-site mechanical equipment, improve the completeness rate of the equipment, and avoid the shutdown of the mechanical equipment due to improper use。

  The fourth is the control of accessories processing and subcontracting costs。In the market economy system, steel doors and Windows, wooden products.The processing of concrete parts, metal components and formed steel bars, as well as the subcontracting of piling, earthmoving, lifting, installation, decoration and other special projects, shall be defined by economic contracts。When signing these economic contracts, it is especially necessary to adhere to the principle of "controlling the contract amount with the construction drawing budget".Never allow the contract amount to exceed the construction drawing budget。According to the comprehensive calculation of the historical data of some projects, the sum of the above-mentioned various contracts accounts for about two-thirds of the total project cost。Thus, it can be seen that the contract amount of accessory processing and subcontracting projects is controlled within the construction drawing budget, which is an important link to achieve the expected cost target。

  The fifth is to strengthen the control of project quality, schedule and safety cost。Construction enterprises should correctly understand the opposite and unified relationship between project quality, schedule, safety and cost, and always implement the management ideas of project quality cost, schedule cost and safety cost in the construction process, and strive to achieve the maximum value。

  Engineering quality cost control。Project quality is the guarantee of the reputation of construction enterprises, is the key to win the market, and is a lifelong responsibility system。Quality cost refers to all the expenses spent to ensure and improve the quality of the project。Therefore, construction enterprises should strengthen the technical quality inspection of engineering projects and the technology of personnel, improve the technical quality of operators, establish the concept that everyone is responsible for the quality of the project for a lifetime, strictly control the quality of each process, improve the engineering quality once pass rate, avoid the occurrence of rework and quality accidents, and reduce quality costs。

  Duration cost control。Construction cost refers to the cost of measures taken to achieve the construction target or complete the contract period, and the cost of the owner's claim due to the delay in the construction period。The shorter the construction period, the better,Shortening the construction period will reduce the cost of equipment and other expenses,But at the same time, the increase of manpower and material input was caused by driving out labor unions,It may cause workloads,Cause the cost to rise,The construction period is shortened to a certain extent,The cost will increase dramatically,At this time, if the owner's reasonable compensation is not obtained, it will cause an additional increase in construction costs;On the contrary,If the construction period is extended,No rush measures are required,However, the cost of labor, temporary facilities and the rental of machinery and equipment are likely to increase,If the contract period cannot be met,It may also lead to claims from the owners。Therefore, when arranging the construction organization design in the early stage, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the project and contract conditions, comprehensive various factors of the construction period and cost, make reasonable calculation of the construction period, carry out careful deployment and arrangement, and find the ideal point of the lowest cost of the construction period to reduce the cost of the construction period。

  Optimization and control of security costs。Under the conditions of the current social and economic development and the level of scientific and technological progress, according to the management level of the construction enterprises themselves and the current economic and technological level, the total amount of safety cost under the current expected degree of safety assurance can be differentiated。In order to simplify the focus of the system examination and shield the influence of many changing factors on the examination objectives, the external conditions are assumed to be relatively fixed, and the optimal security cost input amount of the enterprise under the conditions is determined, and the most economical goal of the total security cost is theoretically sought。

  The scope of construction management is multifaceted, and this article only describes one aspect of cost management。In the fierce market competition, continuous self-improvement and enhancing the vitality of the enterprise can make the enterprise sustainable development in the fierce market competition。The successful management of construction projects not only has good economic benefits for the project and the enterprise, but also produces good social benefits for the country。

       Ii. Management

  The important thing is to strengthen the management of people。Strengthen ideological education, enhance the sense of honor of employees who love enterprises, on this basis, strengthen constraints on employees, implement their own behaviors in accordance with the requirements of the overall situation of enterprises, so that cadres and workers become practitioners, propaganders, promoters and implementors of enterprise ideas。同时,Strengthen the management of the system,Enterprises to realize their own wishes,Determine the broad direction and near-term goals for development,It is necessary to regulate the internal and external factors that influence enterprise behavior,Strict agreement,Bring down the law,Treat equally,To the department, to the personnel, to the leadership, to the staff,Different positions, different ranks of each post each staff to make certain constraints。The implementation of the most important, also need to strengthen the implementation of the management system。On this basis, enterprises according to their own work and overall development needs, determine different management departments and personnel, for the management of the organization, should be clear responsibilities, the implementation of posts, if necessary, but also linked to the personal income of each post。

  As for the management of funds, strict control is the leading。But it varies from case to case。We advocate open source and reduce expenditure, so that funds are put to good use and play their due role。In order to promote the effective operation of the organization, the development and management of enterprises。

       Third, the relationship between construction operation and management              

  In an enterprise, it is very important for all employees to provide business information, all employees care about the market, all employees care about management, valuable information may appear。We can draw on many successful experiences in this regard。This is also the mass line of marketing。Every management of our enterprise is actually a business activity。Doing well is to promote business work, do not do well or do not pay attention to business, hinder the development of the market, the concept of full management to be deeply rooted in people's hearts。

  The example of the enterprise tells us that the process of undertaking a project well is actually the process of showing the corporate image and strength, and it is the process of obtaining the trust of the owner and becoming the process of placing high expectations on the owner。If we do a good job on this project,That expectation has been borne out,Our corporate image and reputation are strengthened,On the contrary, there are bad effects,The negative effects spread quickly and widely,It's hard to eliminate for a long time,As the saying goes, "Good things never go out.,Bad news travels fast.",It is very important to make sense of existing projects。Doing a good job of the existing project, through the on-site market, on-site hard management, and making good friends is the fundamental way to open up a market and an industry, and it is also the most economical and effective business method。

  The result of the operation is the perfect work created by the sincere cooperation and efforts of multiple departments of the enterprise. It is a systematic project, and the departments involved in the operation are all important and indispensable。Business personnel to obtain reliable information, but also through the business department quotation, technical department for scientific and feasible programs, business personnel as a credit standard, financial personnel to provide commercial guarantees, project management and human resources department to provide organization, etc., multi-department cooperation。Some key departments need to be in a short time,Know a lot of drawings,Make a reasonable offer,Excellent program,It's all hard work,There must be no carelessness,There's something wrong with this link,It will also make the business work lost,And this hard work,It is honed by hard work and wisdom in actual combat,It takes hard work on their part,Tireless overtime。They need to constantly familiarize themselves with regional quotas, market conditions, construction techniques, new technologies, new materials, and constantly innovate and update the knowledge, skills and new methods of quotation。Even the binding of tenders requires effort and continuous innovation。These are the key links of business success or failure, and this comprehensive strength is a reflection of business strength。

  The incentive mechanism should keep up with the enterprise to improve the labor, personnel and salary system, so that the key and leading nature of the management system is reflected in the treatment, and the hard work they pay is equal, we can create an excellent management team。

  Four, several problems of construction management

  First, the requirement for the quality of the market management team needs to be composed of people who love this industry and are determined to produce results。At the same time, these people are required to have high comprehensive quality, not only have rich management knowledge, technical ability, business experience, but also have negotiation ability, expression ability, and the ability to sell enterprises, sell themselves, and sell products。These people can be self-employed or external employees。It is very important and essential for enterprises to train their own core management personnel. The method of training management personnel and passing along is very effective, but the systematic training work should also be kept up。If only rely on their own training and discovery of internal personnel, can not meet the needs of business development, so the construction of management team must take the road of marketization and elite。

  The second is the requirements for the number of business teams, there must be a sufficient amount of market operators, construction marketing and other product sales, to use enough manpower and time to connect with the owners, projects and markets。A project to take over, from obtaining information, starting contact, to tracking owners, until to gain their trust, bidding planning and implementation, as well as the maintenance of late relations, many links, long cycle, the need for more resources, involving a lot of energy operators。If a person can successfully win one or two large-scale projects in a year, it is not easy。Therefore, we cannot expect a limited number of managers to undertake a large number of projects。According to our experience, a person can get about 100 million projects a year, it is difficult to break through, and it is unrealistic to hope to take the road of business elites, but the driving role of business elites is immeasurable。To highlight the leading position of business work, to achieve the goal of accelerating the development of enterprises by expanding market share, not only in the number of business personnel to meet, but also the choice of marketing personnel can not be ignored, all levels, regions, various types of reasonable and effective collocation。

  The third is the requirements for market segmentation and business structure. Market segmentation should be cut from both internal and external aspects。Keep an eye on the big market, big owners, big project management policy, the radiation of the "three markets" is very obvious, only the support role of the "three markets" in the enterprise has been paid attention to, in order to alleviate the pressure of resource tension, at the same time within the enterprise, the management structure layout to be reasonable, systematic, scientific。It is necessary to divide the business area, set up a special area to be responsible for these areas and this industry。Realize information and relationship resource sharing。Maintain the relative stability of business personnel and adapt to the mobility of business work。Managers also need to have access to pooling, labor market resources, and other social resources to enable some projects to be implemented smoothly or to pass on risks。

  External to develop some social resources to provide reliable market information;There should be special personnel to obtain source information from government planning departments, planning departments, design institutes, etc.Be familiar with the construction committee, bidding, bidding agency and other bidding management departments。We should follow up and return visits to influential projects in the implementation and establish good cooperative relations。

  Fourth, the business indicators are clear, the implementation of the head, the incentive mechanism to improve the results of the business work is a comprehensive, systematic, long effort, can not be produced overnight, but the business results are the only standard to measure the business performance。Only by carrying the indicators, can we slowly enter the business system this circle, and achieve results with our wisdom, diligence and integrity。Therefore, we can only call those who carry the indicators marketing personnel, and those who do not carry the indicators cannot be called marketing personnel。Responsibility is clear, carry the indicators, we will have pressure, will become a driving force, will unswervingly to achieve the goal。

  In addition, the business work is a pioneering work, the incentive mechanism should be perfect, to keep up, in order to make the business work always full of vitality, the courage to challenge。

  The fifth is that the business personnel should have the spirit of diligence and dedication, which is the same as the general product promotion, to be afraid of failure, perseverance, lasting to constant knock on the door of the owner, brave to sell themselves, promote the enterprise, not discouraged, will be successful。It is impossible for us to match all the operators with cars and treatment, so we must use the spirit of hardship, sweat and frugal management to open up the market。

  Sixth, business personnel should have a very keen sense of occupation and market,Take the initiative to find, seek, seize business opportunities everywhere to pay attention to business opportunities,Maybe a story in the press,A small talk from a friend,A statistic,An advertisement,An announcement from the government,A clearing,A project can be a business opportunity,It is just that we do not use the heart to discover, to analyze, to organize。As long as we devote ourselves to this work and do it with our hearts, we will capture a wealth of market information, and through our screening and tracking, it is possible to undertake a project。