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The State Council: This year to promote the national network of medical insurance and remote medical settlement
2016-04-07 02:30:32 Source: Beijing News
2016/4/7 16:09:52

The State Council has identified the priorities of this year's medical reform, requiring full coverage of serious illness insurance within the year

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang presides over a State Council executive meeting in Beijing, capital of China, April 6, 2019,Decided to implement the Standardization and Quality Improvement Plan for the Equipment Manufacturing Industry,Leading the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing;We will promote the "Internet plus distribution" initiative,Promoting cost reduction, domestic demand expansion and job creation;Set priorities for deepening the reform of the medical and health care system in 2016,We will make medical reform more beneficial to the people。

Made in China upgrade

Boost consumer confidence in "Made in China"

The meeting held that adhering to the guidance of standards and building a strong manufacturing country is an important part of structural reform, especially supply-side structural reform, which is conducive to improving supply, expanding demand, and promoting the product industry to the medium and high-end。

The meeting passed the Standardization and Quality Improvement Plan for Equipment Manufacturing Industry.,Request docking "Made in China 2025",Aim at the international advanced level,Implementation of industrial base and intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing standardization and quality improvement projects,We will accelerate the development of key technical standards,We will promote new breakthroughs in standardization in key areas such as robotics, advanced rail transit equipment, agricultural machinery, and high-performance medical devices,And adapt to the progress of innovation and market demand timely update standards,We will strive to increase the conversion rate of international standards in key areas from more than 70% to more than 90% by 2020。We should promote the spirit of craftsmanship, pursue excellence, produce more creative, high-quality and popular products, resolutely eliminate substandard products, and boost consumer confidence in "Made in China"。

Internet + circulation

Promote the transformation of traditional business intelligence and information technology

The meeting pointed out that the implementation of the "Internet + circulation" action is an important measure to promote the circulation revolution, promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and develop the new economy, which is conducive to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, driving consumption and employment。

To this end, we must break through the "hard bottlenecks" such as information infrastructure and cold chain transportation lag, build a smart logistics system, and develop the Internet of Things。In particular, we need to increase investment in broadband development in rural areas, encourage industrial products to go to the countryside and agricultural products to go to cities, facilitate the sale of agricultural products, increase farmers' incomes, enrich urban supply, and keep market prices reasonable and stable。

Second, we need to remove "soft constraints" on the business environment。Build a commercial public service cloud platform, and carry out trials allowing car-free enterprises to engage in freight transport and merchants to choose to implement commercial average electricity prices or peak and valley time-of-use electricity prices。We will strengthen in-process and post-event oversight, crack down on infringement and counterfeiting, and create an environment for honest business operations and fair competition。

Third, we will promote integrated online and offline development and accelerate the growth of the sharing economy。We will promote the transformation of traditional businesses into networked, intelligent and information-based businesses, support enterprises in optimizing resource allocation and exploring markets through the Internet, and guide them to reduce the rent of physical stores。

Priorities of this year's medical reform

New pilot city hospitals cancel drug markups

The meeting pointed out that the new round of medical reform has achieved positive results, and people's health level and average life expectancy have further improved。The meeting identified the key points of deepening medical reform in 2016:

First, the number of pilot cities for comprehensive reform of urban public hospitals will be expanded from 100 to 200。We will carry out comprehensive demonstration reforms in county-level public hospitals。

Second, we will carry out trials of graded diagnosis and treatment in about 70 percent of prefectures and cities across the country, and carry out trials for on-the-job or retired attending doctors from public hospitals to practice or open studios in grassroots medical institutions。By the end of this year, the coverage of contracted services by urban family doctors will be expanded to more than 15%。Strive to carry out clinical pathway management in all tertiary hospitals and more than 80% of secondary hospitals。

Third, we will improve the compensation mechanism, cancel drug markdowns at public hospitals in new pilot cities, and strictly control unreasonable inspection and inspection fees。We will achieve full coverage of serious illness insurance within the year, so that more patients with serious diseases can reduce their burden。

The fourth is to comprehensively promote the centralized purchase of drugs in public hospitals, establish a traceability mechanism for drug ex-factory price information, and implement the "two-ticket system" from production to circulation and from circulation to medical institutions to issue invoices once, so as to make the intermediate price increase transparent。Patients can choose to purchase drugs in hospitals or retail pharmacies。We will establish a reserve system for drugs in regular shortage, increase the free supply of AIDS and other special drugs, and strengthen supervision over the quality of medical treatment and drugs。

Fifth, improve the performance-based pay system in grass-roots medical institutions, encourage pilot cities to formulate measures to verify the total amount of performance-based pay in public hospitals, establish a distribution incentive mechanism linked to job responsibilities and performance, and highlight the value of medical personnel's technical services。

Sixth, promote the national network of basic medical insurance and settlement of medical treatment in different places。We will increase per capita subsidies for basic medical insurance and basic public health services。 According to Xinhua News Agency

■ 解读

Let the doctor open the studio?Motivation comes from revenue

The executive meeting of The State Council proposed to carry out the pilot project for on-the-job or retired attending doctors above public hospitals to practice or open studios in grassroots medical institutions。

Zhou Zijun, from the School of Public Health at Peking University, thinks it is a good thing that the move makes it easier for people to see a doctor and doctors to open studios。But doctors have to have income to be motivated, if the doctor's income is the same as working in a public hospital, there may be no enthusiasm to open a studio。

He said doctors' studios are definitely more expensive than public hospitals, where prices are regulated。The emergence of doctors' studios provides more choices for people to seek medical treatment。

In order to solve the problem of unbalanced medical resources, "multi-point practice" is an important part of the new round of medical reform。In reality, however, there are many obstacles to moving this reform from paper to reality。One difficulty is the status of doctors "within the system", which some public hospitals are reluctant to accept。

In this regard, Zhou Zijun said that with the reform of the employment system for personnel in public institutions, doctors in public hospitals and hospitals are employed, and doctors can practice more in their spare time, which will promote the free flow of medical resources。

Recently, doctors have made remarkable progress in multi-practice in many places。In mid-March, China's first doctor group business license was settled in Shenzhen, and its "predecessor" was China's first "private doctor studio".。

Beijing News reporter Li Dandan