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Our province for the society to collect expert database expert scientific and technological achievements transformation project
Shanxi Daily 2016-04-09
2016/4/11 16:17:56

The reporter learned from the provincial Department of Science and Technology on April 6 that our province has been widely collecting experts and scientific and technological achievements transformation projects in Shanxi Province from now on, in order to improve the quality of the expert database and promote the transformation of more excellent scientific and technological achievements。
In order to establish a higher quality of science and technology expert database, our province issued the "Shanxi Province science and technology expert database management Measures", decided to improve the original expert information management system in our province。In accordance with the new requirements, following the principles of extensive selection, centralized management, information sharing, security and confidentiality, and efficient use, on the basis of the original expert database, the information of the experts already stored in the database is updated, and new experts are added to build a new expert database。Warehousing experts are divided into technical experts, strategic management experts, financial experts and economic and financial experts。
Experts will participate in provincial science and technology development policy research and planning consultation;Science and technology planning guide preparation;The layout of science and technology plans (special projects, funds, etc.), the setting of key special projects and the formulation of rules for the evaluation of science and technology projects;Science and technology plan project evaluation, evaluation, review, demonstration;Interim assessment evaluation;On-site inspection and evaluation;Conclusion and acceptance;Performance evaluation;Appraisal (review) of scientific and technological achievements;Science and technology awards review and other activities。
The collection of scientific and technological achievements transformation projects should meet two conditions: First, it should closely focus on the strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, focus on the "six development" and the "six transformation" of coal, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development and growth of emerging industries in Shanxi Province。The second is the advanced technology, mature, innovative, clear property rights relationship, no related disputes, has entered the application test stage, mature application stage or scale application stage, has the prospect of transformation and promotion, can produce good economic and social benefits。
It is understood that the newly collected scientific and technological achievements will be included in the provincial scientific and technological achievements database after review, and enter the provincial scientific and technological achievements trading platform for publicity, promotion, trading, and selected project support。In the future, our province will select 50 excellent scientific and technological achievements and cultivate 50 scientific and technological innovation listed enterprises every year, and establish a demonstration base for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to promote the economic and social development of our province。