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Shanxi Science and Technology Innovation City was approved to be set up as a provincial high-tech development zone
Shanxi Daily 2016-04-17
2016/4/18 21:30:16

On April 15, the reporter learned from the provincial Science and Technology Department that the provincial government has officially approved the establishment of Shanxi Science and Technology Innovation City as a provincial high-tech industrial development zone, with a planned area of 20 square kilometers of the core area of Shanxi Science and Technology Innovation City。
      The establishment of the high-tech industrial development Zone of Shanxi Science and Technology Innovation City is of great significance for accelerating the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, deepening the supply-side structural reform of resource-based areas, and exploring new ways of innovation and transformation in resource-based areas。Shanxi Science and Technology Innovation City high-tech industrial Development Zone will be in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government,We will thoroughly implement the strategy of innovation-driven and low-carbon development,According to the requirements of centralized layout, industrial agglomeration, intensive land use, distinctive characteristics, moderate scale and perfect supporting facilities,Based on scientific development,Focus on independent innovation,Improve the system and mechanism;In the direction of clean, safe, low-carbon and efficient utilization of coal,We will vigorously promote the construction of low-carbon technologies, low-carbon industries and low-carbon urban areas。