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Construction enterprises to take steps to "go out"
Source: Luan Decheng, President of Beijing Federation of Construction Industry [Release time: 2017-10-26] 
2022/3/2 14:45:23

Since the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, China has faced a more complex development environment。以习近平同志为总书记的党中央统筹国内、国际两个大局,在经济发展进入新常态的时代背景下,提出了“一带一路”(“丝绸之路经济带”和“21世纪海上丝绸之路”)的重大倡议,在国内外引起了巨大反响。

The "Belt and Road" runs through the Eurasian continent, connecting the dynamic East Asian economic circle at one end and the developed European economic circle at the other, and the vast hinterland countries in the middle have huge potential for economic development。The Belt and Road Initiative was put forward,The focus of "going out" will be on the countries along the "Belt and Road",Pooling resources in Asia and the world to strengthen infrastructure construction,For Chinese construction companies,The Belt and Road Initiative is the "baton" of "going global",It provides an excellent opportunity for our country's construction industry to develop overseas markets。
On the whole, in recent years, Chinese construction enterprises have made gratifying achievements in "going out"。However, we must be sobering aware that construction enterprises still lack a deep understanding and comprehensive grasp of the international market, are not familiar with international practices and general rules, and have not yet risen to the regularity of the setbacks and lessons encountered in "going out"。Therefore, in order to better "go out", there is still a lot of work to do。
As the so-called "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", a problem in the construction industry "going out" is that the various standards, customs and customs of foreign countries are different from those of domestic enterprises, and it is difficult for enterprises to adapt to them for a while, until they slowly find out the law, this "spring breeze" will blow over。Therefore, if you want to "go out" faster and better, "borrow a boat to go out" is worth a try。On the premise that the strength is not strong, we can do the subcontracting of local enterprises, and we can also cooperate with domestic large enterprises with external experience, and we can subcontract first, slowly accumulate experience, and when the right time, we can "set up our own business"。In this regard, Beijing's privately-owned Guodu Construction Group has done better。The company worked with China Construction Eighth Bureau and China Construction International to do sub-contract construction in Libya, Iraq and Algeria respectively。In the meantime, they focused on accumulating experience, reserving talent, and actively recruiting local technical managers, and now they have independently undertaken projects in Mauritius, Malaysia and Peru, and achieved graticule results。

Of course, some state-owned large construction enterprises themselves have special qualifications, whether in capital, talent, technology has a huge advantage, can be within the feasible scope, through mergers and acquisitions into the local construction industry。In the process of mergers and acquisitions, it will be relatively easy to expand other markets after gaining experience by continuously absorbing and digesting the superior resources of local enterprises。The member companies of the Beijing Construction Industry Association, China Construction Overseas, China Construction First Bureau, China Construction Third Bureau and China Construction Eighth Bureau, have taken root and opened up new markets in the United States, Germany, Austria and other countries。Among them, China Construction Third Bureau gave full play to its patented technical advantages and bid for Dubai's 1,025-meter-high tallest building in the world, which began to compete with Western construction companies.Beijing Zhuzong Group and China Building Decoration Group have achieved good results in countries along the central part of the Belt and Road (Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic, etc.)。At the same time, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group and Beijing Municipal Road and Bridge Group have also achieved good results in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives。All these are worth learning and reference。
As the old saying goes, "many hands make light of fire.。"The Belt and Road Initiative is a great opportunity, but there are also many challenges。Some regions along the route have high political risks, poor legal environment, high exchange rate risks, and complex religious and ethnic relations,因此,Enterprises that "go out" can take "organizing groups to go to sea and holding groups to warm" as the principle,Form strategic alliance,From solo to collaborative,On the premise of "joint advantage, risk sharing and benefit sharing",Form a strategic cooperative partnership。Through mutual resource sharing and complementary advantages, it can not only reduce the risk of "walking", but also improve the competitiveness of local enterprises, so as to drive building materials, machinery and other related industries to go out, export China's products, management, technical standards, and open up a broader market。
"If you know yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles.。In order to achieve a more advantageous position, before "going out", enterprises should be fully prepared and have the psychology of "trial and error", and it is necessary to pay the "tuition fees" at the beginning。Of course, the enterprises that have "gone out" can combine the actual innovation of different countries and give traditional industries a new concept, such as through the "Internet +", smart home, etc., grafting new energy and new technology to traditional industries, and promoting the upgrading of business and expanding new development space through trend guidance。
"Stepping on the waves of the blue sea, I see the east wind rolling tide.。Development is like a boat sailing against the current, and it is inevitable that we will encounter rapids and rapids on the road ahead, but as long as we keep up with the pace of the country and combine our own reality, we will be able to walk out of our own innovation avenue。(China Construction News)