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Cultural Renaissance, China's soft power
Source: China Construction News 2014-09-24
2022/3/25 15:15:45

How to realize the "Chinese Dream"?Strengthening the country and enriching the people is fundamental, and cultural rejuvenation is the basis for demonstrating China's soft power。

As an important part of Chinese culture, excellent traditional architectural culture is naturally duty-bound in the process of realizing the "Chinese Dream". How to inherit and promote it has become an imminent event。

For those who have been working hard in the field of traditional architectural culture research, design, construction and education for many years, September 20 is a memorable day。On this day, the Traditional Architecture Branch of China Survey and Design Association was officially established, and many practitioners who often feel "homeless" finally have their own "home".。

"This day has come too late!"Li Wei, the chief engineer from the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Research Institute, sighed, "But finally, we finally have our own organization, and The Times have given us a broader place to use.。”

"The extensive and profound excellent traditional Chinese culture is the foundation for us to gain a firm foothold in the world cultural turmoil.。If Chinese architecture wants to go to the future and the world, it must take the Chinese spirit as its soul。Although nearly 80 years old, in the eyes of Zhang Jinqiu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a master of Chinese survey and design, and the chief architect of the Northwest Design and Research Institute of Chinese Architecture, Chinese traditional architectural culture will always be her inexhaustible source of creation。This is the main reason why she accepted the invitation to serve as Honorary President of the Traditional Architecture Chapter。

In the view of Wang Suqing, chairman of the China Survey and Design Association, "Traditional architecture has a special status and role, especially at this stage, giving full play to the strength and role of the traditional architecture professional team is of great significance for the inheritance of Chinese culture and the construction of new urbanization.。”

In the lost return to the true

China's urban and rural construction is undergoing rapid changes at the same time, but also widely criticized, "a thousand cities", "a thousand villages", the disappearance of ancient towns and villages, nostalgia is difficult to find, so that many Chinese people can not find their roots。

Can it be that the price of social and economic development is massive demolition and construction and loss of self?Is it true that the symbol of modern development is the skyscrapers and hustle and bustle?

After entering the 21st century, whether there is still a foothold for China's excellent traditional architectural culture?Can Chinese excellent traditional architecture stand alone in the world architecture forest?

Architecture is the carrier of culture, culture is the soul of architecture, and architecture is a way and means to externalize cultural connotation into material form。Wang Suqing believes that traditional architecture plays a crucial role in cultural inheritance。As early as the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee adopted in 2011, the Decision of the CPC Central Committee on Deepening the Reform of the Cultural System and Promoting the Great Development and Prosperity of Socialist Culture has made it clear that culture is the blood of the nation and the homeland of the people's spirit, and put forward the goal of building a strong socialist culture。"Since traditional architecture is an important carrier of historical culture and national culture, and bears the heavy responsibility of cultural inheritance, it highlights the importance of cultural construction.。”

The "Several Opinions on Promoting the Integrated Development of Cultural Creativity and Design Services and Related Industries" issued by The State Council at the beginning of this year clearly points out that it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of cultural relics protection units, historical and cultural cities, towns, villages and cultural villages, which fully shows that relevant government departments attach importance to traditional architectural culture。

In this regard, Wang Shuping, vice chairman of the China Survey and Design Association, stressed that if Chinese traditional architecture wants to be further developed, it must cultivate the "Chinese spirit" in people's consciousness, and at the same time, it must have a Chinese cultural atmosphere and a national atmosphere, and let the whole society realize that Chinese architecture must have its own characteristics。"If Chinese culture wants to stand in the forest of the world, it must carry forward its own traditional culture。”

"From today on, the vast number of colleagues engaged in the development of traditional architectural culture have a platform, we will display our talents, show our skills, and make due contributions to the realization of the 'Chinese Dream' of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the field of urban and rural construction.。Ma Bingjian, president of the Traditional Architecture branch of the China Survey and Design Association, said that the establishment of the traditional architecture branch has its historical inevitability, and after the reform and opening up opened the door, many people copied foreign buildings without analysis, leaving the traditional Chinese architecture behind。"In the future, Chinese architecture is to take a new road, continue to develop along the historical context of thousands of years, realize the organic combination of tradition and modernity, and create modern architecture with national style and local characteristics.。”

Ma Guoxin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, master of Chinese survey and design, chief architect of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. is also very excited,He believes that the Chinese culture has a long history and is deeply popular,"Especially traditional architectural culture,It's been passed down by word of mouth for a long time,Not well distilled and summarized,In the future, we should pay special attention to the importance of theoretical research and personnel training,The traditional ideas, traditional ideas, traditional methods and modern consciousness are well combined。”

"If Chinese architects want to realize the 'Chinese dream' in the construction of human-centered new urbanization and living environment, they must reflect cultural self-confidence, cultural consciousness and cultural self-improvement in design practice, and defend their dignity.。Although it is difficult and subject to all kinds of interference, there is no dignity of the individual, there is no dignity of the country?The speech of Shan Deqi, a professor at the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, touched every participant。

Be an architect with a soul

For those who love building, buildings are alive。What gives it a soul is the architect who also has a soul。

However, in real life, people can often find many dull and wooden buildings in urban and rural areas;Some of the original excellent traditional buildings after renovation, but lost the original aura。So, what brought these buildings into existence?And who issued their birth permits??Under the wave of new urbanization, how can we create distinctive urban and rural features?

CAI Zhenyu, a Chinese survey and design master and the chief architect of Shanghai Hyundai Group, tells the story of two generations of architects。

"I once wanted a young architect to learn the history of Chinese architecture, but he said he didn't like Chinese architecture and said when will he design a deconstructionist building to show me。I said the same thing when I was lecturing at the architecture school of a famous university, and the young students burst out laughing, and this is the state of their situation。Nowadays, these students worship deconstruction, post-modernism and other schools, thinking that these are advanced, and traditional Chinese architecture is simply not good。CAI Zhenyu, who is 80 years old, talked about her personal experience and couldn't help but lament the lack of traditional architectural education。"Whether China's architectural culture will re-emerge in the world or continue to decline is a very serious question.。In fact, absorbing foreign culture and inheriting traditional architectural culture is not contradictory, but we have to go to the dregs and become an architect with a soul。”

Professor Fan Xiaopeng from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture deeply agrees, "The reason why there is a 'thousand cities one side' phenomenon everywhere is the fundamental reason for education.。If architectural education only teaches students one way, isn't the design plan just one way?There is only one way of thinking, and there is only one mode of making things。”

Fan Xiaopeng believes that architectural education is the basis for the spread and development of traditional architectural culture theories and construction techniques, but the current education system has not incorporated these contents。At present, the common problem is that "traditional four qualities" and "modern four deficiencies".。"The so-called traditional four are that we have formed the construction system, space system, construction technology and teaching method of traditional architecture very early, but the modern lack of education system, resource transformation, technology continuation and practical operation of traditional architecture.。”

"The contemporary architectural education system includes the Bouza system, the Bauhaus system and the construction system, and where is the traditional architectural education system??"Fan Xiaopeng asked reporters。

Speaking about the spiritual protection of traditional buildings, Tang Yuen, chief architect of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., said that buildings are alive, and the protection of historical buildings is to let them pass on culture in the process of prolonging life, and walk into the future with dignity through sustainable use。As Gogol once said, "When songs and legends have been silenced, architecture still speaks.。”

"Many excellent traditional buildings carry the history and culture of urban and rural areas, and carry a strong nostalgia。If the taste on our tongue, or a custom or a solar term, can evoke people's nostalgia for their hometown, then the preservation of the building itself can be more touching。History is not only to be respected, it is to be feared。In addition to respect and awe, the first thing to do is to be kind and protect。"Tang Yu 'en said。

"In the construction and development of new urbanization, it is very important to deal with the relationship between the protection and development of traditional buildings and historic districts to further promote and develop traditional Chinese architectural culture and create more masterpieces combining tradition and modernity.。Wang Suqing put forward hopes for the architectural development in the new era。

 ■ Our reporter Zhang Donglin reports from Beijing