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Talk about the Internet thinking of the construction industry: big data, zero distance, toward transparency, easy operation, benefit the industry
Source: Architecture New Net Author: Geng Yuhua Time: August 09, 2018
2018/8/10 10:03:07

Internet thinking is a way of thinking about the market, users, products, enterprise value chain and even the entire business ecology in the context of the continuous development of (mobile) Internet +, big data, cloud computing and other technologies。

It was Robin Li, the founder of Baidu, who first proposed Internet thinking。He said: "We entrepreneurs should have Internet thinking in the future, maybe what you do is not the Internet, but your way of thinking should gradually think from the perspective of the Internet.。And China's Internet veteran, broadband capital Tian Suning also said: "The future of the enterprise to the Internet, every enterprise must have the Internet thinking.。In the future, if you don't think in the way of the Internet, you won't be able to compete in society。”

Now a few years later, this concept has gradually been recognized by more and more entrepreneurs。But for the construction industry, getting close to the Internet has always been a few steps behind other industries。However, the characteristics of Internet thinking: big data, zero distance, transparency, easy operation, benefit the industry, in fact, can better meet the needs of modern construction industry。

Big data

The so-called big data refers to the collection of data that cannot be captured, managed and processed with conventional software tools within a certain time range. It is a massive, high-growth and diversified information asset that requires new processing modes to have stronger decision-making power, insight discovery power and process optimization ability。The long attribute before "information asset" boils down to the 5V characteristics of big data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Value, and Veracity.。The big data thinking often said in the information society is to professionalize these huge data information, focus on efficiency rather than accuracy, focus on correlation rather than causation, and big data is not "big", but "useful".。

As the saying goes: three points of technology, seven points of data, the data of the world。Victor Mayer Schonberg gives a variety of examples in the book "The Age of Big Data" to illustrate a truth: when the era of big data has arrived, it is necessary to use big data thinking to explore the potential value of big data。As a traditional industry, the construction industry has also caught up with the pace in the past two years。For construction enterprises, in the modern information society, "big data" has become an indispensable "core competitiveness" of enterprises.。The process of promoting informatization in the industry is the process of digitizing information。All business, technology and management information will be fully digitized。At present, construction, as one of the largest data industries, is also a relatively low degree of data industry。The value and importance of data will gradually reflect, this is beyond doubt, enterprises without a large database, will put themselves in a very passive competitive position, let alone competitiveness, sustainable development。However, a single enterprise to do a large database, the investment of capital and technology is very large, difficult to achieve overnight。Social platform,Just like the infrastructure of building informatization,Used to compile this data,It is similar to the procurement demand of the project, the price data of building materials, the qualification data of construction enterprises, the evaluation data of suppliers, and the quality evaluation data of products,Such a large database platform will be conducive to the healthy development of the entire construction industry。 

Zero distance

Construction enterprises also need to coordinate with the social and economic environment and market development changes in order to obtain sustained, stable and high-speed development。The Internet is sunshine, water and air,The construction industry is the forest,Every construction company is a big tree,Changes in the external environment present opportunities for adaptors who embrace change,It also brings disaster to conformists,The construction industry has the characteristics of complex projects, long industrial chain and long project cycle,In the whole society increasingly Internet trend,Credit, efficiency and data-driven will make the construction industry more competitive and standardized,The original extensive growth model based on joint venture expansion will no longer exist,In the future, competition based on brand and managed data formats will become the norm。

The occupation of the market is the premise of the survival and development of enterprises, the market competition is very fierce, the market changes complex, which enterprise is the fastest, the most comprehensive, the most reliable grasp of the market supply and demand and its changing trend of information, which enterprise can make the right decision, occupy the market, take the initiative, win success。It is one of the important symbols of the development level of an enterprise to develop and utilize information resources quickly, in large quantities and efficiently。In this context, market information is increasingly becoming a key factor in productivity, competitiveness and the rise and fall of enterprises。The space-time and disintermediation of the Internet break through the limitations of time and space, and directly connect online and offline。Whether from the whole industry ecology or the internal management of enterprises, the Internet has brought flat, zero distance, many excellent construction companies use social procurement management platform as the entry point of enterprise management Internet, become the specific application of zero distance。

In order to carry out procurement management activities efficiently, enterprises must be able to pay attention to the news of procurement management activities, which is the forefront of the battle of construction enterprises。At present, the outstanding construction industry procurement management platform in the society can customize the group procurement management center according to the different internal structures of the enterprise, and establish a customizable procurement management system, "let the people who hear the sound of gunfire command the battle" is the true zero distance。 


Information empowers business managers with competence, wisdom and knowledge。All negotiations and investment decisions of entrepreneurs are based on information。Fundamental, basic and resource-based information is an indispensable and important resource for entrepreneurs, and is the basis and important support for all decisions。As Sun Tzu says in the Art of War, "Strategize and win victories thousands of miles away"。The key to strategy is access to a lot of information。As the old saying goes, "Know yourself and know your enemy, you will not be in danger of a hundred battles." To know your enemy, you also need to possess rich information。For entrepreneurs, information is no less important than resources such as people and money。Timely, fast and accurate capture of useful, reasonable, true and transparent information is an inevitable choice for entrepreneurs to succeed in the ever-changing market competition。

For entrepreneurs, information is mainly divided into internal information and external information。External information includes the information between enterprises and raw material producing areas, between enterprises and product sales places, the position of enterprises in the international market, the information materials and technology of enterprises in the industry。Internal information includes the management information of the enterprise's internal operation, finance, science and technology, equipment, personnel, machinery, legal affairs, quality and safety, and also includes the time information of the enterprise。Entrepreneurs will absorb the information to remove the essence, eliminate the false and preserve the true, comprehensive analysis of the logical relationship between each other, scientific screening and optimization, the establishment of timely, accurate and true information base, the formation of a complete and scientific decision-making system, and finally establish a complete and intelligent information chain, is the inevitable choice for scientific decision-making。但是The problem of information construction is not only a simple information problem, it covers many aspects of management content and technical means such as industry characteristics, organizational structure restructuring, process sorting, credit mechanism establishment, and information tool use,It's a complicated one,And a project that requires huge investment,And in the process of collecting information,It requires continuous and substantial input of human and material resources,A single company building such a database is often less effective。With the help of a professional industry platform, entrepreneurs can quickly and easily obtain the information needed for corporate decision-making with a small amount of investment, and make massive information regularly presented, which is the "transparency" of information.。 

Convenient operation

Enterprise informatization refers to the process in which enterprises make use of modern information technology to continuously improve the efficiency and level of production, operation, collaborative management and decision-making, improve the work efficiency and management efficiency, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through in-depth development and extensive use of information resources。However, accompanied by the information explosion, information is mixed in the mass of information, a large number of really valuable information is submerged by invalid information, and the information that enterprises have to deal with every day is very complicated, which hinders the efficiency of decision-making。When you have more information to process every day than you can analyze, it can even lead to poor decision-making。When the cost of identifying information exceeds the value of the information itself, enterprise informatization becomes inverted。Therefore, the first thing to be clear about enterprise informatization is that information technology is a tool for enterprises。What is the value of the tool?Tools produce value only when they are used。How much value a tool can bring us depends on whether we choose the right tool。The full value of the tool also depends on whether we use the tool effectively。Therefore, information needs to be able to use, easy to use, practical tools - an easy to operate enterprise information system。

The problem of information construction is not only a simple information problem, it covers many aspects of management content and technical means such as industry characteristics, organizational structure restructuring, process sorting, credit mechanism establishment, and information tool use。Although the construction of enterprise informatization focuses on the process of enterprises using information technology to improve the management mode of enterprises, the result is more important。The industry characteristics of construction enterprises determine that this system not only requires the staff of the group headquarters to use it, but also ordinary employees in the project department at all levels should be able to operate it. Linking the group headquarters and project departments around the country is the real information。 

Favour trade

Where is the value of Internet management in construction enterprises?In the development of the management mode of China's construction industry since the reform and opening up, we believe that there are three stages。China has been reforming and opening up since,In particular, on July 1, 1998, the welfare housing distribution policy was abolished and the housing distribution was monetized,From the real estate officially landed in the Chinese market,The construction industry of our country is thriving,The rapid development of the construction industry has expanded the number of employees rapidly,It has formed a large army of migrant workers with the characteristics of construction industry,It was about productivity,The so-called construction enterprise management can only be departmental level。After that, many basic rules and management modes of the construction industry have deviated from the track in the rapid growth, and the opportunity to change the extensive management mode of the construction industry to fine management has been lost in the rapid development of the economy。But since the start of the US subprime crisis in 2008,The cooling of the global economy has led China's economy to enter a period of adjustment,There is overcapacity in almost every sector,At the same time to remove outdated capacity for environmental protection,As a result, the hidden problems of the extensive mode in the construction industry are gradually exposed,We have built countless construction projects without fundamentally improving labor productivity,The workforce is large but inefficient。To this end, construction companies have really begun to upgrade management from the department level to the enterprise level。

Today's promulgation of a series of national policies is undoubtedly sending us a message。We will support the upgrading of traditional industries,Make the supply chain management with construction enterprises as the core clear,Construction enterprises should improve their market competitiveness,Not only to adjust the internal aspects,Promote its harmonious development,Also let upstream and downstream enterprises (including suppliers) establish a relationship of solidarity and cooperation,Form the supply chain management mode of modern enterprises。And e-commerce is the most suitable for the establishment of this supply chain management mode, the supply chain management ideas and network integration, so that construction enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises to form an e-commerce network system。The establishment of this system puts the allocation, efficiency and management of social resources on the same important level。Our construction enterprises also realize the refinement of enterprise management through the application of information interconnection technology in enterprise management, thus promoting the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises and affecting the entire industry。 

Thinking landing

Nantong Four Construction to comply with the tide of information, made a lot of investment, in the procurement management information to do a lot of practice, with other four outstanding construction enterprises and China Construction Bank, jointly set up Jiangsu Zucai E-commerce Co., LTD。Through repeated research and exploration, successfully launched the first domestic credit based excellent construction enterprise procurement management platform - construction material network。At present, there are 59 special qualification enterprises to join。The procurement management platform takes construction enterprises as the core, and a number of enterprises cooperate together. Through the scale advantage of the platform, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are opened up, and a new construction supply chain model is created from the factory to the construction site, which greatly reduces the procurement cost and management cost。At present, the construction material network and China Construction Bank jointly create the construction material finance - "Zhubao Tong" product, to provide financing services for enterprises that carry out actual transactions on the platform。Through big data analysis, the company will evaluate the credit scores of all enterprises on the platform, and as long as the enterprises have good credit, they can join for free。 

Nantong No. 4 Construction has been tracking, analyzing and thinking in the process of informatization construction, and has always believed that the informatization construction of a single enterprise is an island, which cannot meet the needs of social informatization。The establishment of industry informatization needs to eliminate information islands, not only the internal elimination of islands, but also to eliminate external islands, and finally form a closed loop。Informatization in the construction industry refers to information interconnection and resource sharing within the industry and among enterprises, rather than informatization for the sake of informatization by a single enterprise。Nantong Four construction is willing to be a construction industry Internet + pathfinder and forward march,With their own industry background, professional technical means, senior operation personnel,Unite like-minded outstanding construction peers to establish a construction network,Supported by big data,Make all kinds of useful information zero distance, transparent presentation,And is easily used by businesses and entrepreneurs,Establish an information high-speed channel,Realize resource sharing,Form an ecological closed loop of the construction industry,Finally promote the construction enterprises through close cooperation,Achieve win-win situation,Make this building procurement management platform benefit the entire construction industry。