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Overseas construction of the four Chinese construction projects will not fall off line during the epidemic
Source: Shanxi Sijian Website 2020-02-27 19:36:32 Author: Sun Baoyu
2020/2/28 10:05:28

At present, the soldiers at home and abroad of Shanxi Fourth Construction Project are concentrating their efforts, focusing on prevention and control while resuming work, and making every effort to ensure the safe and orderly progress of the projects under construction on the basis of ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control work is in place。

Water supply project in Da City, Tanzania

At present, there are no suspected or confirmed cases of new pneumonia in Tanzania. The water supply project in Da City is under normal construction, and the project has entered the warranty period. The main work is the maintenance and repair of pools, pumping stations and pipelines。In response to the new pneumonia epidemic, the project department has prepared an emergency plan and taken a series of preventive measures, such as purchasing protective supplies such as masks, temperature gauges, disinfectant and hand sanitizer.Do a good job of cleaning the camp every day;Employees must take good personal protection when working。


Ghana Company Project

Shanxi Sijian Group Overseas Division Ghana Company project is located in Ghana, Africa, although there is no epidemic, but our personnel did not relax their vigilance for a moment。In order to ensure the normal construction during the epidemic period, the Ghanaian company has formulated relevant prevention and control work plans and epidemic emergency plans, purchased the necessary protective materials and timely distributed them to the project personnel to ensure the protection and safety of the project personnel during the construction period, so as to actively cope with the possible future epidemic。