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Provide guarantee for the realization of comprehensive and accurate resumption of work
Source: Shanxi Wujian Group Co., LTD. Author: Hu Xiaojing Time: 2020-02-20
2020/2/28 10:08:37


At present, it is a crucial moment to win the battle against the epidemic, and the more last-minute, the more we cannot relax. Whether we can strictly implement the deployment of epidemic prevention and control work, and whether we can continue to tighten the strain of epidemic prevention and control is the key to the final victory of the fight against the epidemic。

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of accurate return to work deployment,Ensure safe and orderly resumption of work,2月13日,Group company discipline commission led,Du Jiang, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Zhao Yuliang, deputy general manager of the Commission, led the epidemic prevention and control supervision team to the office area of Qinxian,It will supervise the implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, the implementation of the shift and duty system, the storage of prevention and control materials, and the preparation for the resumption of work and production。

Du Jiang, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the Group company, and Zhao Yuliang, deputy general manager, led the supervision team to supervise some units in the Qinxian office area


In accordance with the principle of full coverage of stratified classification, the supervision team conducted inspection on 5 units including the main branch company, labor service company and subsidiary company respectively in the form of random inspection。Combined with the inspection situation, the supervision team put forward three requirements for the next step of epidemic prevention and control work of grass-roots units:

First, at the decisive stage of the fight against the epidemic, we should not relax our efforts, further fulfill the main responsibility of prevention and control, ensure that the prevention and control work is concrete and detailed, and safeguard the achievements of the epidemic prevention and control work。The molecular company should form a three-level leadership system together with various departments and project departments of the group, and play the role of coordinating the organization and leading by example。

Second, it is necessary to focus on the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, in light of the actual situation of the unit, refine the prevention and control plan, one enterprise, one policy, responsibility to people。In particular, it has effectively played a role in the procurement of epidemic prevention materials and the screening of labor personnel returning to work, so as to do a good job in epidemic control and accurate return to work。

Third, we need to do a good job in publicity, education and public opinion guidance, actively explore the touching stories of front-line workers united as one, working together to fight the epidemic, using pens as guns and drawing paper as flags, telling good stories about the epidemic, and adding hope and strength to winning the war against the epidemic。

During the inspection, the staff of grass-roots units were full of confidence in the victory of the epidemic, and their attitude was positive and optimistic, and they said that they should unite as one, stick to the front line of the battle against the epidemic, and resolutely win the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and the realization of business development goals。