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The company accelerated the resumption of work and production of Shandong Decheng government warm heart service
Source: Sinochem Second Construction Group Website Date: 2020-03-02
2020/3/3 15:23:19


In the critical period of the national fight against the epidemic, the company, in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the group company, adhered to the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and promoted both to ensure that both were not wrong, and fully ensured the completion of the company's business objectives。

In order to ensure that Shandong Dezhou Shihua 400,000 tons of PVC plant energy saving and emission reduction project successfully resumed production,Solve the problem of employees returning to work,Eight companies change their thinking,Proactively contact the owner,Through communication and coordination between the owner and Dezhou City Government,Decheng District Government gave strong support and quick response,Specially organized "warm heart" special bus to Taiyuan,Unified transportation of Dezhou Shihua project construction personnel,Send returning employees to "home"。

At noon on March 1, two long-distance buses with the banner "Decheng District employees return to work through train" on the front of the bus slowly drove into the gate of the Huajian Building after a 6-hour long journey。Li Zhibao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the company, Feng Junlun, deputy general manager and chairman of the trade union, Zhou Jiansheng, manager of the eighth company, and Li Qingfang, Party branch secretary, have already made preparations to welcome the arrival of the bus。The leaders of the company shook hands with the leaders of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Dezhou City, Dezhou Deren Human Resources Co., LTD., and the leaders of the owner side one by one and expressed their sincere thanks。 


Before departure, the company staff carried out a comprehensive disinfection of the special car, and the construction personnel carried out a unified temperature check before getting on the car;After getting on the car, the double seat only sits one person to ensure that the passengers have enough safety protection distance in the car;The company also prepared lunch for returning employees。A total of 38 project construction workers returned to work by special bus,Construction workers across the country are scattered back to their posts in a variety of ways,This "point-to-point" service can effectively compress the "contact surface" of virus infection,Greatly reducing the risk of epidemic spread,It also provides great convenience for our company's project construction personnel,Reduced personal travel risk,It provides favorable conditions for the project to speed up the resumption of work and production。