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The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a document to coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and quality and safety supervision to ensure the quality and safety of the project to prevent blind rush
Source: Construction New network Time: March 10, 2020
2020/3/11 9:55:01


On March 5, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of the Construction and Resumption of Housing Municipal Projects during the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (hereinafter referred to as the Notice).。The "Notice" put forward a total of 18 measures in four aspects: strict implementation of responsibilities, strengthening precise policies, optimizing management measures, and strengthening emergency preparedness, accurately doing epidemic prevention and control and quality and safety supervision, orderly promoting the resumption of work of projects, and ensuring the quality and safety of projects。

"Notice" stressed that adhere to the precision-level resumption of work and supervision。All localities should formulate differentiated prevention and control strategies in light of the epidemic prevention and control situation, and implement precision-level measures to start and resume work。In low-risk areas, enterprises and construction projects should be fully promoted to resume work,Strengthen quality and safety inspection;Medium-risk areas should be strictly controlled under the premise of epidemic prevention and control,We will encourage enterprises and construction projects to resume work in stages and at different times in an orderly manner,Reasonably determine the frequency of inspection;High-risk areas should gradually and orderly expand the scope of work resumption after the epidemic is effectively prevented and controlled,In principle, the "Internet + supervision" method is used for spot checks。Where violations of laws and regulations are found through inspection or random checks, they shall be strictly investigated and dealt with according to law。

In order to implement the responsibility for quality and safety production, the Notice requires further strengthening the responsibility of government supervision and the main responsibility of enterprises, and achieving the responsibility of keeping the soil, keeping the soil, and keeping the soil。Adhere to scientific prevention and control, precise policies, focus on the impact of the epidemic on the quality and safety of the project, in-depth analysis of various quality and safety risks faced by the construction and resumption of work, on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, conscientiously implement various quality and safety preventive measures, and resolutely curb quality and safety accidents。

In terms of strengthening precise policies, the "Notice" proposed a number of measures to prepare for the resumption of work, improve the epidemic prevention and control system, strengthen on-site epidemic prevention management, strengthen training and education, resolutely prevent blind rush to schedule, strengthen major risk control, and strengthen construction quality management。

In order to prevent blind rush for the construction period, the "Notice" requires all localities to urge the construction unit to effectively ensure the reasonable construction period of the project, fully consider the impact of the epidemic on the construction period, scientifically determine the construction period and the reasonable time required for each stage, and strictly implement the reasonable construction period。If the construction period really needs to be adjusted, it must be fully demonstrated, and corresponding measures should be taken to ensure the quality and safety of the project by increasing investment and optimizing construction organization。According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control and safety precautions, we should increase the cost of civilized construction measures to ensure that investment and measures for epidemic prevention and safety are put in place。

In addition, the "Notice" also makes clear that all localities should rationally arrange the resumption of work, and give priority to promoting the resumption of work for major construction projects and key projects involving the national economy and people's livelihood。Construction units and construction units make good plans for the use of workers in advance, and can take measures such as partial start, partial construction, and priority arrangement of mechanical construction, and implement phased return to work in batches。If the project leader of the construction unit and the project leader of the construction unit cannot be on duty, the work shall not be resumed in principle。Strengthen on-site epidemic prevention management, implement closed construction site management, and minimize cross-flow of construction work surfaces。We will fully implement the real-name management system for construction workers, implement daily temperature detection and registration for incoming workers, and implement the "one person, one step" system。Do a good job in quality safety education and training, can take the way of free online teaching, organize experts to key positions of personnel, newly hired personnel quality safety training, strictly carry out pre-post epidemic prevention, quality safety technology disclosure。Strictly "to the post to perform duties, material testing, process control, quality inspection", focus on strengthening the quality of concrete, steel and other building materials testing work, to prevent the price rise of corners, the use of unqualified materials, and effectively ensure the quality of the project。

At the same time, it will also implement the safety production commitment system, online handling of the resumption of work review, the implementation of automatic extension of expired certificates, the adoption of temporary post measures, the use of information supervision and other optimization management measures。The "Notice" clearly states that for enterprises with good safety management and no production safety accidents since 2019, on the premise of implementing safety prevention measures, the main person in charge of the enterprise will make a safety commitment to resume work and production on their own, and no longer provide layers of reports and seal on-site acceptance。For projects in which enterprises apply for construction permits for new construction, renovation and expansion, and review safety conditions for resumption of work, the approval process will be optimized, online rapid processing will be implemented, non-meeting approval services will be implemented, and on-site verification will be conducted after the epidemic prevention and control is over。During the epidemic prevention and control period, the expiration of the enterprise safety production license and the safety certificate of the main person in charge of the enterprise, the project leader, the safety management personnel and the special operation personnel will be automatically extended until the end of the epidemic prevention and control。For project management personnel who cannot return to work due to the epidemic situation, the enterprise is allowed to arrange other personnel with corresponding qualification certificates to temporarily take over the post, and ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and quality and safety responsibilities are implemented during the post period。In view of the key and difficult problems and major risks and hidden dangers faced by enterprises, experts are organized to implement point-to-point online consultation for enterprises, solve on-site problems, and help enterprises effectively prevent and control quality and safety risks。In addition, except for necessary inspections related to epidemic prevention, safety, quality, and fire protection, on-site inspections of enterprises and construction sites are not allowed during the epidemic period。Make full use of online inspection management methods such as remote video surveillance to carry out more accurate and effective quality and safety supervision。