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Provincial housing and construction Department held the first meeting of the Safety Committee and the province's housing system safety production and dust control work teleconference
Source: Shanxi Provincial Housing and Construction Department Website Date: 2020-03-12
2020/3/13 9:36:46


On March 10, the provincial Housing and Construction Department held the first meeting of the Safety Committee and the video and telephone conference on the safety production and dust control of the provincial housing and construction system。Department Party Secretary, director, Department safety Committee director Wang Liye attended the meeting and delivered a speech。He stresses,坚决贯彻习近平总书记关于安全生产的重要论述和生态文明思想,Comprehensively implement the overall thinking and requirements of the provincial Party Committee's "four for four high and two synchronizations",According to the provincial government "to strengthen the classification of accurate supervision.,Comprehensively improve the level of safety production "decision deployment,To the "tree concept,Bear the responsibility,Grasp and implement,Strict accountability "as the main line,We will pay close attention to all work,Ensure that general accidents are reduced,Effectively prevent major accidents,We will resolutely prevent major accidents,Further improve the overall level of safety production and dust control in the field of housing and construction in the province,Contribute to the province's high-quality transformation and development of housing。

The meeting put forward requirements for key work on production safety。First, improve the political position and firmly establish the concept of safety first and life first。The second is to strengthen the responsibility for comprehensive compaction of production safety。It is necessary to strengthen the "1+1+N" responsibility, strengthen the responsibility of industry supervision, highlight the primary responsibility of construction units, and strictly implement the safety responsibilities of other construction participants。Third, we will take effective measures to steadily promote work safety。Continue to carry out the safety of dangerous major projects, high fall safety production, municipal engineering pipe network limited space construction safety and gas users safety and other special rectification;Carry out anti-" three violations "special action;At the same time, the safety management of municipal public facilities should be strengthened。We will strengthen oversight and inspection of law enforcement。Efforts will be made to improve the essential safety level, improve the dual prevention mechanism of risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and management, comprehensively promote the standardization of construction safety production, and strengthen the safety education and training of employees。

The meeting pointed out that strengthening work measures and paying close attention to the implementation of dust control measures。First, focus on building construction dust control。Strengthen the "1+1+N" dust control responsibility。The competent department should take up the responsibility of industry supervision, establish the dynamic management ledger of construction site in accordance with the principle of territorial management, implement the grid management of green construction, and achieve the responsibility to the post and the responsibility to the person。Construction units should strictly implement the green construction related fee standards, the "three fees" as non-competitive costs, a one-time full payment before the start, the implementation of special funds。Construction units strictly implement the "six hundred percent" requirements of construction dust control, install online monitoring and video surveillance equipment on construction sites, and network with local housing departments。The supervision unit shall incorporate the construction dust control into the supervision planning and supervision rules, and implement the whole process supervision。Second, we will work hard to control urban road dust。It is necessary to vigorously promote the mechanized operation of urban road cleaning and cleaning, and comprehensively improve the mechanized clearance rate of urban roads。By the end of 2020, the mechanized road clearance rate in urban built-up areas of Datong, Shuozhou and Xinzhou will reach more than 70 percent, and the road clearance rate in county towns will reach more than 60 percent, and the mechanized road clearance rate in other urban built-up areas will reach more than 75 percent and the road clearance rate in county towns will reach more than 65 percent。The management of muck transportation should be strictly enforced。Vigorously promote hard closed new energy environmental protection waste transport vehicles, resolutely ban waste transport vehicles that do not meet the requirements of environmental protection, and waste vehicles that do not meet the requirements of road travel, once investigated and punished, the waste transport qualification is cancelled。To further regulate the control of the waste transport process, the waste transport vehicle should travel in accordance with the specified time and route, and dump the waste in the designated place。It is necessary to carry out special rectification of the "five piles" of urban roads。The five piles of sand, slag, coal, earth and garbage that are in charge of the municipal roads, backstreets and alleys of the urban appearance and sanitation (urban management) department shall be centrally cleaned and rectified, and the long-term management mechanism shall be improved to ensure the effectiveness of the rectification work。

The meeting pointed out that innovative supervision methods should be made to promote the construction of "smart construction sites"。By the end of June, all projects under construction shall be connected to the system to meet the requirements of remote monitoring and online monitoring, and the newly started projects shall be connected to the Shanxi Provincial construction engineering quality and safety supervision information system within 30 days of commencement。We will seriously investigate accountability and increase penalties for violations of laws and regulations。Housing and construction departments at all levels should pay equal attention to handling in accordance with the law and regulations, severely crack down on violations of the law and regulations, severely punish them in accordance with the law and regulations, and continue to maintain a strong and high-pressure situation。Strengthen overall planning and coordination, and do a good job of resuming work at construction sites in spring。We will urge enterprises to formulate scientific plans for resuming work,Ensure supplies for epidemic prevention and control,Strengthen management and control of enterprise personnel,Strict construction site prevention and control,We will improve the emergency response mechanism,Strengthen pre-job education, safety disclosure and pre-shift speech,Strictly implement the "six hundred percent" requirements for dust control,Carry out inspection of equipment safety condition, site protection management, special construction plan implementation and other conditions before resuming work。

The meeting emphasized that Quanzhou COVID-19 quarantine Hotel in Fujian Province "3.7 "after the collapse accident, Lou Yangsheng secretary immediately made important instructions, He Genius, vice governor personally arranged。The meeting once again arranged and deployed to carry out the investigation of housing safety hazards in designated medical institutions and centralized isolation points for the treatment of the novel coronavirus epidemic in the province,At the same time, safety checks have been carried out in the quarantine observation sites of construction enterprises and the concentrated living places of workers who have resumed work,There are major security risks,To adjust immediately,evacuee,Urge hidden dangers to rectify in place;Classify and deal with general security risks,We will resolutely eliminate all types of security risks,Ensure the safety of people's lives and property。

The meeting informed the relevant work situation in 2019 and deployed the work in 2020, and members of the Party group of the Department and other department leaders, the chief engineer of the Department, and the chief economist attended the main venue。Taiyuan Urban Management Bureau, Datong Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, Jinzhong Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau and Luliang Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau respectively made experience exchanges and statements on the work of safe production and dust control。The meeting was held in the form of television and telephone, the municipal housing bureau, the urban administration set up branch venues, all the members of the municipal housing bureau, the security committee of the urban management Bureau, the main person in charge of the municipal county (city, district) housing bureau, the main person in charge of the local provincial backbone construction enterprises, a total of more than 280 people participated in the meeting in the main and branch venues。