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The province's poverty alleviation and housing security work teleconference was held
Source: Shanxi Provincial Housing and Construction Department Website Date: 2020-03-23
2020/3/23 15:35:49


On March 19, the province's poverty alleviation housing security work teleconference was held. Zhai Shunhe, member of the Party Group and deputy director of the Department, Gong Mengjian, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office attended the meeting and made a speech。The meeting rearranged and redeployed the key tasks of the renovation of dilapidated rural houses in 2020 to ensure that the goal of poverty alleviation and housing security was achieved as scheduled。Resident discipline inspection team, town office, provincial poverty alleviation Office old district station and other relevant responsible persons attended the meeting in the main venue。The municipal housing and construction departments and poverty alleviation departments are in charge of leaders and business departments, and the county-level people's government is in charge of leaders, the main leaders of county-level housing and poverty alleviation departments, in charge of leaders and business departments, a total of 890 people attended the meeting in the sub-venue。

Conference notes,Housing and poverty alleviation departments at all levels should stand at the political height of decisive victory in poverty alleviation,坚决贯彻习近平总书记3月6日在决战决胜脱贫攻坚座谈会上重要讲话精神,Conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government,According to the division of responsibilities for the province's decisive victory in poverty alleviation and the special action plan for the transformation of dilapidated rural houses in 2020,Aiming at the goal of housing security,We will further enhance our sense of responsibility and urgency,Stick to the set goals,Take extraordinary measures,Effectively reduce the impact of the epidemic,Concentrate on solving outstanding problems such as low quality and non-standard identification,Accurate implementation of "dynamic support",We will ensure that the targets and tasks of ensuring housing security in poverty alleviation are fulfilled on schedule。

The meeting stressed that the county poverty alleviation leading group is responsible for the overall responsibility, and the housing construction and poverty alleviation departments cooperate closely to carry out house-to-house verification on the housing safety of all the poor households and other three key objects in the province, and it will be fully completed by the end of May。All localities should speed up the "dynamic guarantee" task, start all work before the end of March, and fully complete the "dynamic guarantee" transformation task of 8994 households by the end of May。The identification work should be closely combined with the major investigation and "dynamic guarantee" to achieve full coverage of identification。All places should carry out a major investigation at the same time, in-depth investigation of the quality of rural dilapidated houses, and rectification while investigating。It is necessary to fully approve the information system data and further standardize the management of household archives。All localities should take problem rectification as the most important task at present, in accordance with the requirements of the "three three" working method, problem investigation and rectification are implemented simultaneously, and ensure that all problems are "cleared to the bottom".。All localities should enhance safety awareness, and gradually improve the safety level of rural housing by implementing seismic reconstruction of rural housing, investigation and rectification of safety hazards, and follow-up support for relocation in easy places。