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Yangmei Group Hongxia one construction west of the main shaft construction progress of 130 meters
Source: Yangmei Group Hongxia a building publicity Department
2020/5/28 10:18:11


525After acceptance by Yangmei Group, the construction of Xishangzhuang Coal mine main shaft excavation project, which is responsible for the construction of Hongxia No. 1 Construction Mine No. 2, made a breakthrough in the construction month130In one fell fell, it broke the highest monthly record of shaft excavation construction of Yangmei Group。

Xishangzhuang Coal mine shaft excavation project includes main shaft, auxiliary shaft and return air shaft。The main shaft is constructed by Hongxia No. 1 Construction Mine Construction Department No. 2, and the shaft depth is deep681Meters, secondary shaft, return air shaft by China Coal Construction No. 10 Engineering Department is responsible for construction, shaft depth respectively683米、680.5米。截至525On the same day, the main shaft excavation project responsible for the construction of Hongxia No. 1 Construction Mine No. 2 completed the cumulative footage410In meters, the construction of secondary shaft and return air shaft excavation works of the tenth Engineering Department of the first construction of China Coal have completed the cumulative penetration respectively308米、389米。

Since the beginning of this year, the COVID-19 epidemic has raged, the safety situation is tense, and the production pressure is huge. The cadres and employees of Hongxia No. 1 Mining and Construction Department No. 2 have withstood layers of pressure, overcome numerous difficulties, and made concerted efforts4月份、5Monthly construction104米和130The shaft construction exceeded 100 meters for two consecutive months。

In recognition of the excellent construction achievements of Hongxia No. 1 Construction in the main shaft excavation project, Xishangzhuang Coal Mine of Southern Coal Group sent a congratulatory letter to Hongxia No. 1 Construction Mine No. 2。In a congratulatory letter,South Coal Group Xishangzhuang coal mine said,In the context of high security pressure and grim epidemic situation,You strictly pay attention to safety management, standard construction, regular circulation and project quality,Ensure safe production and construction schedule,It fully embodies the pursuit of excellence and first-class management level, the superb operation level of the construction team and the excellent construction organization ability,Show the company "build quality projects.,Tree building image "construction concept,Demonstrates the positive corporate style。

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