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Our province "safety production month" activity launched
Source: Shanxi Daily Time: 08:58, June 02, 2020
2020/6/2 11:04:20

Daily news(Reporter Zhang Yi) June this year is the 19th national "Safety production Month", the theme is "eliminate hidden dangers, build a strong safety line of defense", the province carried out a series of publicity and education and hidden dangers investigation activities。On June 1, our province held the launch ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" activity, and arranged and deployed the activities of the "safety production Month"。
At the launch ceremony,The propaganda video of the "Safety Production Month" theme of the Office of the Security Commission of The State Council and the video of the emergency drill for major accidents of hazardous chemical leakage and explosion in Shanxi Province in 2020 were played;Participants watched TISCO Group, Shanxi coking coal Guandi coal mine enterprise staff safety oath;Video link between the venue and the municipal emergency management bureaus,Listened to Taiyuan City, Xinzhou City, Jincheng City and Linfen City Yaodu District four city (district) emergency management Bureau "safety production month" deployment arrangements, measures。
The provincial security Commission Office requires that all departments and units at all levels should improve their standing, carefully organize and carry out the "safety production Month" activities。It is necessary to closely focus on the three-year action plan for the special rectification of production safety in the province and the requirements for the creation of "zero accident" units, carefully deploy and closely organize activities, deeply investigate safety risks, effectively eliminate accidents, and build a strong safety defense line。It is necessary to broaden the channels and coverage of social publicity, launch various forms and rich content of publicity reports, strive to form an integrated and coordinated publicity, establish a strong sense of safety red line, vigorously carry forward the concept of "life first, safety first", and actively guide the whole society to care about safe production and participate in safe development。Through all kinds of publicity and education activities that are both powerful and effective, we will effectively enhance the safety awareness of the whole people, improve the safety quality of the public, strive to prevent and reduce all kinds of production safety accidents, and promote the continuous and stable improvement of the situation of production safety。

(Editor: _ Liu Yang _, Li Lin)