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Notice on the announcement of the construction project Manager grade evaluation list of the member units of Shanxi Construction Industry Association in 2022
Shanxi construction industry association
2023/5/4 16:57:26


Provincial construction industry associations, municipal construction industry associations, branches of the Association, member units:

2022年,The project managers of the majority of member units have achieved excellent results in the province's engineering construction quality and safety management, scientific and technological innovation, market development, credit construction and other aspects,To better play the leading role of project managers in the construction industry,Promote the sustained and healthy development of the construction industry in our province,According to the "Shanxi Construction Industry Association Constitution" and "Shanxi Construction Industry Association construction industry project manager grade evaluation management measuresRevised in 2021)In September 2022, the Association carried out grade evaluation activities for construction project managers in its member units。

The grade evaluation activities are voluntarily declared by the project managers of the member units, the provincial construction industry associations, the municipal construction industry associations and the relevant large enterprise groups are recommended, and the expert review committee of the Shanxi Construction Industry Association comprehensively evaluates the quality and safety comprehensive management, project performance and technological innovation of the project managers。

According to the construction industry project manager grade evaluation work management measures, the evaluation grade is divided into A (excellent), B (qualified), C (unqualified) three grades。

In 2022, A total of 430 project managers in the construction industry were declared for grade evaluation activities, among which the evaluation was grade A (excellent).Construction project manager296名,Grade B (Qualified)Construction project manager61名,Grade C (failed)Construction project manager73名。

According to the opinions of the expert Review Committee of grade evaluation activities of Shanxi Construction Industry Association, it is now2022年度Grade A (Excellent) Construction Project ManagerGrade B (Qualified)The list of project managers in the construction industry will be published。


附件:About the announcement of 2022 Shanxi Construction Industry AssociationNotice of grade evaluation list of construction project managers of member units

         2022 Shanxi Construction Industry Association member units construction project manager grade evaluation list



Shanxi construction industry association

April 28, 2023